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Pediatric Cancer

Gynecology and Obstetrics


We provide free medical treatment for all children, including those who are battling cancer. We are specialized in solid tumor treatment, such as hepatoblastoma and neuroblastoma. 

Japan Heart Children's Medical Center runs gynecology and obstetrics ward alongside Ponhea Leu Referral hospital.

We work with local hospitals to manage the care of newborns, do pregnancy check-ups, hold maternity classes and manage deliveries.

Japan Heart’s origins are in providing mobile clinics for local villages and though we now have a medical base we still support rural communities with regular mobile missions. During these missions we provide medical services and operations to people who do not have access to medical treatment or could otherwise not afford it. 

Scholarship Program 


The future of our work in Cambodia is the Bridge of Dreams project. Since 2011 we have supported students in rural areas with high academic achievement who cannot go to university due to hardship through a scholarship program.

In addition to financial support, our scholarship recipients have the chance to join activities at Japan Heart Children’s Medical Center and on mobile missions to cooperating hospitals. From their senior peers they learn on-site what Japan Heart values through our medical motto: “Connecting with each patient to better take care of their health, heart and family”.

Our experience assisting in the emergencies following Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and Typhoon Haiyan in Philippine taught us a lot.


In 2014, Japan Heart launched the International Emergency Relief Project or iER in the hope of using the insights and know-how that we’ve acquired. When disaster strikes, Japan Heart will dispatch medical assistance teams in respond to large-scale disasters in Japan and ASEAN countries, in order to support as many people as possible.


We are also carrying out joint training with Indonesia and other ASEAN members, enhancing collaboration, and building a systematic network with alliance organisations in order to provide effective and swift support in a time of disaster.


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